All monogram choice are listed and priced separately.

When necessary (bedding, towels, apparel) monograms and motifs will be priced based on size, thread type and stitch density.
Please have a design selected before requesting a quote and before placing an order so that we can confirm the initials and motif selected work together well.

First 2 monogram styles are free, after that there is a $10.00 fee for each additional monogram style requested before placing an actual order.
Each design is unique and require certain adjustments, especially when combined with motifs or borders.

All monograms are priced for dinner napkins, placemats, cocktail napkins or guest towels since the size is about the same on all.

Shams, sheets, duvet covers, throws and shower curtains, please ask for a quote.

Pricing is for Aurifil thread colors.

Minimum 12 items of the same style and size are required for this price. If less, please add 30%.

TWO color embroidery – NO charge

Metallic thread embroidery – 20% upcharge

Thread Padded embroidery – 50% upcharge

Foam Padded embroidery – 30% upcharge

Shadow embroidery – 30% upcharge

Digitizing fee for over-under effect (interlaced monograms) for script monograms - $30

Round all prices to the nearest dollar (if $20.80, round to $20)


When choosing a custom monogram from a book, the conversion to a stitch file or digitizing, will start at around $100.00 and will go up depending on size and complexity.
Digitizing is a computerized technique that changes an image or sketch into an embroidery file format. Special software is used to create stitch commands for the embroidery machine.
This process takes anywhere from one to four hours depending on design complexity, a letter versus a monogram with a border and scroll motif for example.


$15.00-$35.00/each (on white linen or customer provided fabric swatch. Must be a min. of 10"x10")

COLOR CARD Check-out:

$25.00/each (refunded in full when returned)

Full colors listed HERE


$75.00 and up depending on size and complexity


Monogram designs will be kept on file for ever. If you need to re-order a design, all you have to do is give us your name and the approximate month or year of your original order and we will locate your design.


All store items will be shipped within 3-5 business days if in stock. Custom work will vary by project. Timely delivery on Holidays are not guaranteed if monograms are required. International orders please contact for shipping costs and insurance information.


Before sending your linen to our shop to be monogrammed please keep these guidelines in mind:

- if used, please make sure the linen are laundered first and pressed (towels, bedding, table linen)

- request a quote first. Sometimes initials don't work well in certain styles and we might have to chose a new one and when this happens, cost can change, digitizing fees may apply, new thread colors might have to be ordered.

- mark each linen for position and direction (centered, facing up, right side, wrong side). Use safety pins to make sure they do not shift during shipping. Stickers, post-it notes may fall or move around.

- ask for turnaround time. Our shop can be very busy at times and turnaround can vary from 3 days to 4 weeks depending on our weekly work load.

- do not hesitate to call when in doubt. We'll advise on the best way to work with your linen over the phone. All embroidery and digitizing is done locally - nothing is outsourced.


Monogram height for each linen type varies by design. The final size will be determined once the design and linen were selected. Please request a placement guideline if you're not sure of the final placement: info@mhlinen.com


We promise quality - however, these are custom products. Please take your time in making your decision. Make sure spelling, color and product choice are correct. Since these are personalized products, we cannot accept returns except due to defect. All items are inspected carefully before shipping. Items without monograms can be returned by requesting a RA#. Do not hesitate to call if you have questions, 512-623-1983.


Please keep in mind that we are not qualified to give advice on color coordinating schemes. We strongly recommend that you consult an interior designer if you feel your colors should match a certain area of the home or an existing paint color. We have color cards you can borrow but we cannot make suggestions in this area.


MHLinen LLC respects your privacy. We do not share your personal information or order details with anyone. We may use photos of your embroidered items for our website or our social media accounts without your consent only if the photographs were taken by us. If you provide us with photos of your linen, we will ask for permission before posting photos on any of our social media sites.