Wholesale Accounts

Placing Orders and Delivery Information

Stock Orders:

In-stock merchandise is usually shipped within 3 business days.

Custom/Special Orders:

Custom orders may not be cancelled for any reason once we have put the order into production.

Requests to expedite custom orders must be approved by Customer Service prior to order placement. While we will make every attempt to ship an order as quickly as possible, any and all expedited freight charges for a “rush” order are the responsibility of the customer.

All monogram orders must be submitted with an accompanying MHLinen LLC Monogram Spec Sheet. This form can be found HERE

MHLinen LLC will accept COM (Customer’s Own Material). This includes orders for dinner napkins, cocktail napkins, pillows, guest towels, table runners with PRIOR approval.

Other General Guidelines:

All orders received are going to be reviewed and confirmed first. Once approved, you will receive an electronic invoice which you will pay using any payment method you prefer. We do not handle payments on line. Once confirmed, orders cannot be changed or altered once entered into our system (usually within 48 hrs).

Your order will “Ship Complete” unless otherwise

Any order under $100 will be assessed a $5.00 minimum order fee.

Drop ship orders under $250 will be assessed a $5.00 handling fee.

Drop ship orders under $100 will be assessed both of the above-noted fees.

Payment Terms and Invoicing Policies

General Guidelines

Account Application is subject to approval.

Approved first-time customers must pay for their initial order with a credit card.

Customers may apply for credit terms by filing out the Credit Application.

If a check is returned for insufficient funds, the account will be charged a $30 bank fee.

MHLinen LLC requires a minimum of $3000 per year to maintain an account.

Return of Merchandise:

It is the responsibility of the customer to inspect merchandise for any defects or incorrect sizing prior to washing or making any alterations such as embellishment or monogramming by anyone other than MHLinen LLC. No returns will be accepted on merchandise altered by anyone other than MHLinen LLC.

Merchandise may not be returned under any circumstance unless a Return Authorization (RA) has been issued by our Customer Service within 14 days of invoice. A copy of the RA must be included with any return, and merchandise may be returned only to the address on the invoice.

Merchandise returns may fall into one of the following categories:

Incorrect Stock Merchandise: If MHLinen LLC ships an incorrect stocked item to a customer, the merchandise may be returned at no cost to the customer. MHLinen LLC will provide a UPS shipping label via email with the Return Authorization.

Stock Merchandise: The customer can return merchandise at his or her own expense within 14 days of invoice. The lesser of a 15% re-stocking fee or a charge of $25 will apply. The merchandise must be in its original packaging. The customer is responsible for the freight charges on the original invoice, as well as those to return the goods.

Custom Merchandise: MHLinen LLC will not accept returns of properly fulfilled and produced custom merchandise under any circumstances. Customers cannot change or cancel a custom order after it has been put into production.

Custom merchandise may not be returned based on a delivery date unless the in-house drop dead date was specified on the order, and was confirmed as doable by MHLinen LLC. Requests for changes to existing custom orders must be requested through and approved by Customer Service via email.

Questions of Quality or Performance: If a customer questions product quality or performance, he or she may request a return authorization and, if granted, return the product to MHLinen LLC for inspection at his or her own expense.

If a defect is confirmed on a custom-made product, MHLinen LLC will have the right to repair any defects of quality within 5 business days. If a defect is confirmed on a stock product, the customer may decide whether to take a credit for a returned product or request a replacement. In both cases, MHLinen LLC will reimburse the customer for return shipping. If a defect is not confirmed by MHLinen LLC, MHLinen LLC will return the merchandise to the customer at his or her own expense.


All MHLinen LLC customers are required to check with website on current pricing.

Orders without prices are subject to the current prevailing price upon receipt. Price for custom sizes should be confirmed through Customer Service prior to placing an order, info@mhlinen.com

Internet Usage:

At MHLinen LLC we take great pleasure in providing our customers with complimentary photography for their social media advertisement. However, we have a few guidelines for how our photography must be displayed when it is utilized for marketing and promotion purposes by our customers.

MHLinen LLC requires the following: MHLinen LLC images are clearly marked as “Courtesy of MHLinen LLC”.

Exception are only images used on your website where you list the item for sale.